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Born in 1957, I was fascinated as a child by nature and wildlife. At age of 8 years I got my first Kodak film camera. While my classmates were on the football field, I strolled through the nearby woods and fields and make pictures of red-colored beetles and other animals which I just got in front of my camera. Football games however, I was never interested, rather I was fascinated by the stories of "Hermann Löns". In school, I took a place in a photo - society. Unfortunately, with the beginning of my professional life, my hobby moved in the background which I regret later very much.

Working as a nature and wildlifephotographer has always been my dream, but unfortunately it would take 35 years, before I could realize this. The  increasing destruction of our living space and my love of nature have to be moved  me to start with photographing again. End of 2009, I decided to change my job and  my former hobby  became a new profession. Now, I am many hours on the way in Nature with the camera and my Irish Setter dog “Yara”, where I record my impressions and encounters with wild animals in the picture. Today, I also photograph many other things that inspire me. Some of my pictures have been published in books, magazines, newspapers, posters and special exhibitions.
With my pictures I would like to contribute, to preserve the view of the people to protect the beauty of nature and wildlife and deal respectfully with her. I am always looking for customers who support me in my work and give me the opportunity, to photograph the many beautiful and interesting things that exist in our world. As a freelancer, I create photo stories for you anywhere in the world where you need it.  In addition, I have specialized in Semi-natural product photography. I look forward to your contact.

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